Anne Carrington 

I am a primarily self taught photographer from the Florida Keys. Although I did attend Columbia College art school, my love affair with photography started at a young age. My first camera was a 35mm my dad gifted me at age 12. I loved the way a camera captured the world in a way my eyes couldn't see. Since then, I have grown my camera family to include quite a bit of digital, although there will always be a special place in my heart for film. I'm passionate about representing the beauty of the world through a cameras eye and creating meaningful images. I get excited about natural light, soulful faces, and candid moments. While I am a hobbyist at best, I love shooting weddings, portraits, newborns, basically anything! Photography isn't and never will be a job for me, so I love to take on projects that truly inspire me!

If you would like me to be your photographer, please contact me and lets chat!